War with illegal migrants in Moscow: Vietnamese ask to take them back from detention centre to the camp


The part of illegal migrants detained in Moscow after massive mop-up of the markets from illegal migrants who were before transferred from the camp to stationary detention centers of MOI, were returned back according to their own request.

At the present time, the number residents at Gol’yanovo Camp comprises 586 persons. As Vietnam diplomats declared, the holding conditions of the illegal migrants were very bad. Thus, 40 persons live in the tent with the area of 50m2.

It will be recalled that Moscow police made mop-up after the incident happened at Matveev Market a crowd of migrants beat the police officer, who wanted to detain supposed rapist of 15-year-old girl, however the country fellows decided to protect him. In a result, police officer got to resuscitation department with craniocerebral injury.

Source: http://korrespondent.net/world/russia/1589384-vojna-s-nelegalami-v-moskve-vetnamcy-prosyatsya-iz-izolyatorov-obratno-v-lager