80-year-old woman from Georgia attempted to cross Russian-Ukrainian border

Border guards of Kharkiv Detachment detected four trespassers in the
area of BS “Tymofiivka” with the help of night vision device. Unknown
persons trying to cross the border beyond the check point were stopped
some meters before the state border. There were 3 residents of
Belgorod oblast and 80-year-old citizen of Georgia. The grandmother
explained that she as if wanted to get to Georgia as quickly as
possible and the nearest airport with flights to Tbilisi was in the
city of Kharkiv. Thus, she together with the accompaniment – her
grandson and his friends decided to help her and risked to make such a
trip. At present moment, corresponding administrative and procedural
measures are taken. The further destiny of detainees will be decided
by the court.

Source: http://dpsu.gov.ua/ua/about/news/news_2428.htm