Volyn TAC accepted 1167 illegal migrants in the course of 5 years


Volyn Temporary Accommodation Centre for foreigners and stateless
persons staying illegally in Ukraine has celebrated its 5th
anniversary from the moment of its opening. The first foreigners got
to Volyn TAC, located on the base of the former military town, on
September 11, 2008, and on September 12, 2008 its solemn opening was
hold. During the existence of the establishment there were 1167
illegal migrants placed there.
Foreigners are settled at two hostels designed for 123 bed-places.
Besides the hostels, there are premises for residence of women and
children, bathhouse, boiler house, health centre, stock room, two pump
stations, stock of fire point and dinning room with food block.
Illegal migrants are provided with all conditions necessary for
comfortable residence and free time spending. During the stay at the
establishment, explanatory work is conducted as to all foreigners in
accordance with the present legislation. Meetings are conducted for
the detainees with UNHCR, IOM and staff of Volyn department of Red
Cross in Ukraine, structural subdivisions of MOI, SSU of Ukraine,
human rights organizations as well as with relatives and foreign
friends. The workers of Volyn TAC also constantly carry out work as to
improvement of the conditions on keeping illegal migrants at the
establishment, assist them in contacts establishments with relatives,
representatives of Embassies of foreign governments in Ukraine,
humanitarian and human rights organizations  aiming at problem
solution on return of illegal migrants to their country of origin.

Source: www.dmsu.gov.ua/novyny/u-rehionakh/357-volynska-oblast/1688-za-5-rokiv-roboti-volinskij-ptpi-prijnyav-1167-nelegalnikh-migrantiv