Four Algerians, Israelite and Azerbaijani were stopped nearby the border



Four citizens of Algeria were apprehended by the border guards of BS
“Solotvyne” of Mukachevo Detachment. Overnight, local resident
informed about appearance of unfamiliar persons not far from the
border.  Soon, border guards noticed some persons on the bank of the
river Tysa with the help of night vision device. Strangers tried to
run away, but after warning shoots up made from special baton gun they
stopped. The travelers were without documents and told that they were
the citizens of Syria. However, in the course of further interview the
men confessed that in reality they were the citizens of Algeria.
One more trespasser, according to his words, the citizen of Israel
without documents was detained in Lviv oblast. The man was stopped 50
meters before Ukrainian-Polish border by the border guards of BS
The citizen of Azerbaijan intending to cross the border in “green”
corridor was stopped by the border guards of BS “Velyka Pysarivka” of
Sumy Detachment 5 m before the state border. In such a way the man
attempted to get to Russia as he did not have official permission to
enter the country.