Citizens of Nigeria and Gambia made their way to Poland illegally

30-09- 2013

In the airport Zhylyany border guards of separate check point “Kyiv” detained a passenger intending to fly to Dortmund illegally. The man presented the passport of the citizen of Lithuania for control, however it was established that the document was forged. The violator confessed that in reality he was the citizen of Nigeria and his brother assisted him in purchase of the false document. His brother sent him this passport by post from Germany, the place of his residence. Now, the personality of the detainee is under identification.

One more trespasser from Western Asia was apprehended by the border guards of BS “Morozovych” of Lviv Detachment some hundred meters before the state border. The man travelling to Poland without documents was detected by local residents in the suburb of the village Lishnya. During the interview it was learned that the man was the citizen of Gambia. He arrived to the territory of Ukraine as if with the aim to enter to one of Ukrainian higher educational establishments.  However, it was established that he decided not to get knowledge and to look for better fate in the countries of European Union. The further destiny of the detainee will be decided by the court.