Nine Afghanis, out of which 4 children, were travelling in a small hide in a minibus

30-09- 2013

The staff of State Border Service of Ukraine found 9 citizens of Afghanistan in a hide of a minibus. The vehicle of Moldavian registration crossed the border at international check point “Gremyach”. The citizens of Moldova travelled by it to Ukraine. In the course of the documents check border guards paid attention that 20-year-old driver had noticeably troubled look. That’s why the border guards initiated the detailed examination of the minibus. As it was established, the man was really worried. The luggage place of the minibus contained space covered by cardboards and bags with personal stuff of the passengers. There were 9 “passengers” hiding in that space. Four men, a woman and 4 children were the citizens of Afghanistan.

SSU workers were informed on that point. Found Afghans were delivered to border subdivision. The citizens of Moldova would have to give explanations to law enforcement agents.