Two groups of Afghans were getting to Russia and EU countries


Lately, the cases of detention of migrants from Afghanistan at the state border have been increased. The “travelers” often take their children into the trip. Only during the day the staff of State Border Service of Ukraine apprehended two groups of Afghans, who were getting to Russia and EU countries.

Thus, in Luhansk oblast border guards of BS “Krasnodon” stopped the car in the course of realization of operative information 500 m before the state border. The car was moving in the direction to Russian populated area Nyzhniy Sheveryov. The car was driven by Ukrainian citizen. As it was established, the man transported 5 citizens of Afghanistan, three of which were children. Establishing the circumstances of the infringement, border guards learned that Afghans decided to get to Russia being in the search of better destiny. They had refugee certificates and before they had lived and worked in Odessa. Arriving to Luhansk, they were met by the citizen of Ukraine, who assisted them in getting to neighboring state. Now, Ukrainian will have to give explanations to SSU officers, and detained man and woman, the citizens of Afghanistan, are fined for attempt to cross the state border illegally in the sum of 3400 UAH each.

Also, 5 citizens of Ukraine were detained in Transcarpathia by the border guards of mobile border detachment “Bortynychi”.  Reserves of the chief of State Border Service of Ukraine implements the separate task to step up efforts as to counteraction to illegal migration.

The group was stopped in the suburb of the village Zvosyno, Velykyi Bereznyi region, there were 4 children among them. No documents Afghans had, however, they explained that first they had planned to get to Slovakia and then to the countries of Western Europe. At the present moment, all circumstances of the infringement are examined. It is worth to mention, than during the last month 17 migrants from Afghanistan were apprehended in the area of Chop Border Detachment.