Detained Georgians could not recollect their Ukrainian names Maksym and Kostyantyn


Border guards of Mostytskyi Detachment detained two men with forged Ukrainian passports in the check point “Shegeni”. Detained “country fellows” were the citizens of Georgia, who changed informational pages in their documents. Choosing Ukrainian names and surnames for themselves, they could not neither pronounce nor write their new names during the interview.

Two more travelers, migrants from Turkey without any documents, were apprehended for attempt to cross the state border in the area of responsibility of the same detachment. The men also intended to get to Poland, however, they were noticed by local residents, who informed border subdivision about appearance of unknown persons.

At the present moment, all seekers of better destiny are detained in administrative order aiming at establishing the persons and clearing up the circumstances of the infringement.

Overall, in the course of 9 months of the current year, the staff of Mostytskyi Border Detachment in the check points detected 240 invalid documents, 12 forges and 7 another’s ones, 133 trespassers were apprehended, 670 persons were called to administrative responsibility and fined for the sum of 237 thousand UAH.