Russian man had three documents issued to three different persons


Border guards of Simferopol Detachment apprehended a violator with forged passport and driving licenses. The man was walking through the check point “Crimea” and presented his passport of the citizen of Ukraine. However, border detail of BS “Kerch” examining thoroughly the document, noticed the signs of its partial falsification. Thus, a decision was made to check “the traveler” in depth. During the inspection of the stuff, border-custom inspection group found forged Ukrainian driving licenses and passport of the citizen of Russian Federation. As it was established soon, the Russian passport was valid. All other documents were issued to different surnames, but with the same photos. For attempt to cross the state border of Ukraine illegally detainee is brought to responsibility in administrative order. He will also have to provide explanations to MOI staff as to usage of forged documents. Now, the complicity in other possible unlawful actions is ascertained.