Chief of State Border Service of Ukraine met with chief of Department of Slovakian Border Police


The meeting of Mykola Lytvyn and Lyudovita Biro, Chief Border Authorities of Ukraine and SlovakianRepublic was hold. The meeting took place in Bratislava. The chiefs of border departments analyzed the state and development of situation at the joint border and exchanged with information of unlawful activity. In the course of the discussions, the head of State Border Service and chief of Department of Border Police and Police on Foreigners’ Affairs of Presidium of Police Corpus of Slovakian Republic stated that due to realization of taken joint measures in 2013, the number of illegal migrants intending to cross the state border illegally had lessened. Besides, it was mentioned that there had been decrease in the number of detained citizens from such countries as Somalia, Bangladesh and Moldova.

Aiming at further development of cooperation, in the end of the meeting, the parties signed Agreement between Administration of SBS of Ukraine and MOI of Slovakian Republic about the joint patrolling of Ukrainian-Slovakian border. The head border authorized persons stressed upon that introduction of joint patrolling would promote security of Ukrainian-Slovakian state border. The next meeting is planed to take place in Ukraine in 2014.