Ukrainian intended to cross Ukrainian-Slovakia border two timed for a day

01-11- 2013

Trying to get over the barrage fence in the direction towards Ukrainian-Slovakian border, the citizen of Ukraine was apprehended by the border guards of Chop Detachment. The man had just certificate on return to Ukraine issued in CzechRepublic. According to the words of the detainee, he wanted to get to European Union avoiding the check point. After processing the administrative and procedural documents, the man was released until the case consideration in the court. However, in some hours, the border detail of BS “Onokovtsi” detained one more violator in the same direction after alarm system went off. The traveler was stopped 100 m before the border. As it was established soon, it was the same man detained by the border guards at noon and he was released until the court decision. However, Ukrainian did not leave his hope to get the countries of EU and not waiting for the sentence started again from Ukraine to Slovakia.