Moldavian wanted to cross the border on her husband’s passport


Border guards of Belgorod-Dnistrovskyi Detachment prevented three cases of crossing the Ukrainian state border according to the forged documents.

Thus, 17-year-old Moldavian intended to get to Ukraine with the passport of his brother. He was stopped by the border guards in the check point “Rozalivka”.

Two more women from Moldova were apprehended in the check point “Kuchurgan”. One of the detainees, 38-year-old citizen of the neighboring country could not explain the appearance of her daughter’s documents. And 52-year-old Moldavian going by car “Mercedes” presented for the check the passport of his husband. The woman explained her fault as the following – she opened the page with information about her children and did not pay attention to one with her personal data.

After processing the administrative protocols as to the detained citizens there is a court that will make legal decision according to the violators.