Two Africans on the way to Switzerland stucked at the border of Transcarpathia


Border detail of BS “Palad Komarivtsi” of Chop Detachment noticed two unfamiliar persons some metres before the border on Slovakia. The group of reaction started immediatedly to meet the travelers. Stopping the man and woman, law enforcement agents established that they did not have any documents. Detainees told that they were of 1981 and 1990 year of birth and they arrived from Eritrea. They departed because of complicated financial state in the country of permanent residence. However, they did not have any possibility of legal entrance to Switzerland and the addressed for assistance to unknown persons in the country of origin. The smugglers agreed to help them for $8000 get to one f the countries of European Union and made for them qualitative forged passports. However, they did not fulfill their promises.

Detainees were delivered to border subdivision for clarification of the circumstances of the infringement and drawing administrative and procedural documents.