Hungarian Police detained Transcarpathian with 7 illegal migrants from Afghanistan


Police apprehended 7 Afghan citizens that illegally entered the territory of Hungary from Ukraine as well as one Ukrainian, 19-year-old guy, who assisted them to cross Ukrainian-Hungarian border from Transcarpathia.

It was reported by the site

Police Migration Department of Sabolc – Satmar – Beregovo oblast of Hungary commenced a criminal case on suspicion in the crime committed by 19-year-old Transcarpathian resident.

According to the existing data, the young man from Transcarpathia helped seven Afghani citizens enter illegally the territory of Hungary. They were travelling on foot and already in Zahon they were taken by Transcarpathian by his car. Police patrol detained the whole group during the inspection of the car. The guy was arrested for smuggling people, which he was suspected at. Migration Service and border guards examine Afghans, and the criminal case is commenced against the smuggler. Investigation goes on.