Transcarpathian SSU made an ambush for three Syrians and their guide


Border guards of Mukachevo Detachment and Transcarpathian SSU officers apprehended a group of illegal migrants and their accomplice in the area of BS “Luzhanka”.

Having received preliminary information, beforehand border guards put additional border details at the places of possible cross of the border. Soon, the district inspector noticed three unfamiliar persons. Border detail caught up and detained the travelers. Detainees, two women and a man were from Syria.

Consequently, in the same direction the border guards apprehended unknown person hiding in the grass. While law enforcement agents coming closer, the man tried to run away. A warning shoot from device for shooting by rubber bullet was done up for his apprehension.

Also, the officers of SBS and SSU arrested the car driven by the citizen of Ukraine.

According to preliminary data, Ukrainian citizen realized delivery of this group of illegal migrants from Syria to the state border by this transport. All details of the infringement are under investigation.