Moldavian tried to bribe border guards two times

14-11- 2013

The car driven by the citizen of Moldova arrived to stationary check point BS “Dilove”. Two citizens of Georgia were travelling together with the citizen of the neighboring country. During the check of the documents the driver proposed to senior of border detail of Mukachevo Detachment a bribe in the sum of $50 in order to avoid the check of the documents. After that all three persons were invited to Border Service Department for processing protocols as to the present infringement. However, in the course of the interview Moldavian proposed again, for the second time, the bribe in the sum of 700 UAH already aiming at avoiding administrative responsibility. Soon, it was established that the citizens of Georgia excelled the stay term in Ukraine. Administrative and procedural documents were drawn up as to mentioned citizens. Rakhiv regional department of State Migration Service of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region was informed about the fact of detection as well Public Prosecutors’ Office received notification on that point.