Meeting on the issues of illegal migration among the student-foreigners was hold in Kharkiv


The meeting took place at KharkivNationalAutomobile-TravelUniversity the subject of which was exchange with information about expulsed foreign students that are not visiting the educational establishments for a durable period.

The meeting was conducted at the participation of the chiefs of Kharkiv Border Detachment, representatives of State Migration Service of Kharkiv oblast and vice-chancellors of 27 higher educational establishments of the city of Kharkiv, which the foreign students attend.

The problems being under the discussion at the meeting concerned those connected with preventive measures on non-admission of attempts of illegal migration among the foreign students of the higher educational establishments

The participants of the meeting agreed to strengthen the system actions on counteraction to this phenomenon in all directions. The special attention will be paid to foreign students intending to study at the territory of Ukraine and that category of the foreigners, who enter the territory of Ukraine on legal basis, however, in future they enrich the number o illegal migrants.

Also, considering the constant increase in the number of foreign citizens staying in Ukraine for studies at national educational establishments, including universities of Kharkiv, a decision was made to conduct informational and preventive actions at each university of the city, where foreigners study – migrants from risk countries. The main goal of the actions is to explain the foreigners the responsibility for the change of legal status of stay in Ukraine from student to illegal migrant.

In general, the majority of illegal migrant-students, detected by the officers of State Border Service of Ukraine with other interactive bodies during the year, originated from the countries of Africa and Asia.