Russia prepares unpleasant surprise for labor migrants from Transcarpathia


Federal Migration Service of Russia support the introduction of “migration corridor” according to which the foreigner can stay in RF not more than 90 days during the year. It was declared by the head of Russian Federal Migration Service, Konstantyn Romodanovskyi.

Initiative of “migration corridor” is necessary to resist cunnings used by labor migrants enjoying the right to stay in RF 90 days without registration. According to the words of Romadonovskyi, it concern every tens migrant, though the half of this number are the citizens of Ukraine.

“I do not see here nothing supernatural. If one has permission for residence, license, permission for job or any other licensing document, if one is law-abiding person, so no any problems can appear”, – he said. He did not announce about the concrete terms of initiative realization. According to his words, such a potential is only under concern.

The head of FMS cited the countries of Schengen zone as an example, where “migration corridors” have existed long ago. According to his opinion, in case of introduction of this standard in Russia only those foreigners can be granted durable terms on stay in the country having necessary documents for prolongation of their stay term in Russia.

«It is international established regulation. Nothing terrible is here, except it concerns only those citizens having no licensing documents for prolongation of their stay term in Russia.

Before Romodanovskyi reported that there were about 1,5 million citizens of Ukraine at Russian territory. Only 111 thousand work on the legal basis. 350 thousand persons more arrived to their relatives, for studies or for treatment. The rest 1 million citizens of Ukraine work in Russia without corresponding registration.

All are threatened to be rejected in entering Russia the next time.