Ukraine expects 28 million from EU for management by migration processes


Ukraine expects for allotment of 28 million by European Union for management by migration processes. It was said in Informational-analytic newsletter of the Cabinet of Ministers.

“On December, 18 the Cabinet of Ministers approved the project of Agreement with European Union about the financing of the program “Support of Ukraine in management by migration processes and asylum granting” in the frames of cooperation expansion with EU, – it was reported in the newsletter.

The total cost of the program is evaluated in € 28 million and will be fully financed by EU.

The cooperation program’s budget is divided in three directions: € 4 million will be allotted for improvement of legal and political grounds of migration policy in Ukraine, € 8 million – strengthening of efficiency work of Migration Services, € 16 million – restructuring of the infrastructure of Migration Service.

Experts mark that the necessity of this migration program is dictated not only by the requirements of EU in the frames of visa-free dialogue in the Plan of Actions as to abolishment of short-term visas as well as improvement of Ukrainian migration legislation in accordance with EU standards and conduct of work with 211 thousand illegal migrants residing in Ukraine.

The newsletter mentions that special attention of EU to migration policy in Ukraine is dictated by the influence of the processes of globalization of massive migration flows from the poor countries of Asia and Africa seeking to reach prosperity in the countries of Europe and Ukraine here is zone of active migration corridor because of its geographical position.

Analysts mark that in according to UNO data, Ukrainian migration corridor (Ukraine-Russia) with the flow of migrants more than 3,5 million per year is the second one in the world after migration corridor Mexico-USA with 13 million migrants.

As it was informed, EU planed to allot Ukraine € 2,4 million for support of implementation of Plan of Actions as to liberalization of visa regiment with EU in 2014-2015.