Border guards passed no violators through Transcarpathian border!


Administration of Chop Border Detachment held service meeting as to summing up the activity for the current year. The participants of the meeting were the representatives of Western Regional Department, the board and officers of the border detachment as well as the chiefs of the departments realizing the security of the border in the limits of Uzhgorod, Perechyn and Velykyi Bereznyi regions.

As the reporters mentioned the security of the border in the area of Chop Border detachment was realized in rather tense conditions, which in the main caused the flow of illegal migrants.

As it was marked at the Final Board of State Border Service of Ukraine for the year, about 55 % illegal migrants were detained namely by the officers of Chop Border Detachment.

However, if considering the results of operative and service activity of Chop border guards it become clear that they successfully counteract not only to illegal migrants.

In general, for the reporting period of the current year the subdivisions of border security detained 377 illegal migrants.

While carrying out passport control the inspectors detected 15 forged, 14 strange and 252 invalid passport documents. 1100 persons were called to administrative responsibility, which were fined for the sum of 1 342 000 UAH.