Three Ukrainians left Ukraine with forged documents as the citizens of European Union


At once two violators intending to leave Ukraine were detained by the border guards in the airport “Kyiv”.

Checking the passengers of the transitĀ  flight “Kyiv-Moscow-Toronto”, the law enforcement agents of BS “Zhylyany” detected forged documents of the citizens of Spain and Czech in two our country fellows. The informational pages were changed in the passengers’ passports, which was noticed by the border guards at once. So far, the personalities are established, they were handed over to SSU officers for further inquest actions. One more our country fellow with forged passport of the citizen of Lithuania was apprehended by the border guards by Belgorod-Dnistrovskyi Detachment in Odessa oblast. The man tried to cross the border by the car in the check point “Mayaky” at the border on Moldova.