Apprehensions of the citizens of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia and Moldova


Already in the first days of the New Year the officers of State Border Service detained about 30 violators intending to cross the border by illegal way.

Only in Transcarpathia, besides detected 8 Syrians by the border guards of Chop Detachment, 3 citizens of Iraq and 2 citizens of Russia – residents of Chechnya were caught. In the course of realization of filtration measures it was established that all detainees intended to get illegally to the countries of European Union beyond the check points.

In Odessa oblast two trespassers were detected by the border guards of BS “Tymkove” of Kotovskyi Detachment. Russian man and stateless person from Moldova tried quickly to cross the line of the state border. However, the car they travelled got stuck in the ditch covering the by-pass way.

Besides, 2 citizens of Afghanistan intending to fly to Norway by forged documents of the citizens of Great Britain were detained in the airport “Boryspil”. Two more trespassers were detected by the border guards in the airports of Lviv and Odessa. The citizens of Syria travelled with the passport of the citizens of Turkey.