Border guards detained 11 Syrians during the holidays


A sufficient activation of illegal migrants from Syria was observed during the weekends and holidays. Thus, at once 8 citizens from this country were detained in Transcarpathia at the “green border”. The violators were noticed with the help of thermal imager by the border guards of BS “Salovka” of Chop Detachment. The reaction group with service dog caught up and stopped unfamiliar persons 40 m before the border on the bank of the river Tysa. Three men, woman and two children of 11, 12 and 15 years old intended to cross the border at dark time with the help of rubber boat. The travelers had no any documents. They reported to the border guards that they were the citizens of Syria.

One more trespasser, the citizen of Syria, trying to cross Ukrainian-Polish border was stopped by the border guards of “Rava-Ruska” of Lviv Detachment. The man did not deny his intention to get to Poland and soon to France. However, he will have to stay longer in Ukraine in order to establish the circumstances of the infringement and admeasure the penalty.

Also, the citizens of Syria wishing to cross the state border with the forged documents were detected by the border guards in the check point of the airport Boryspil. Two Syrians planed to fly to Zurich and Vienna with forged documents of the citizens of Switzerland and Denmark. Detected violators were sent by return flight to Istanbul, the country the travelers arrived from.