Border guards apprehended Georgian and Moldavian in Bukovyn


Border guards of Chernivtsi Detachment detained two trespassers. Thus, according to the information received from the local residents border detail of BS “Gertsa” detected one unknown person moving towards Ukrainian-Romanian border. The reaction group detained the travelers some hundred meters before the state border. The detainee was 29-year-old resident of Sukhumi, Chechnya. The man explained that he travelled to EU countries aiming at further employment.

The other traveler was detained by the border guards of the same detachment in the area of BS “Pdviriivka”. No explanations the man could give to the border guards, as he was in the state of strong alcohol intoxication. Soon, yet he reported that he was the citizen of Moldova.

Detainees will have to bear administrative responsibility for the present infringements.