Four citizens of Chechnya intended to cross the border twice


Four citizens of Russia, residents of Chechnya, were stopped by the border guards of Donetsk Detachment. In the check point “Uspenka”, at the entrance to Ukraine, they arrived almost at midnight by car “Toyota”. While their documents were verified, the inhabitants of the city Groznyy reported that they were going to Melitopol, however, they could not prove the goal of their trip. As soon it was established, almost at 8 p.m. they tried to cross the border in the check point “Novoazovsk”. Then, the men explained that they made their way to Saky, and again could not provide with the goal of their trip to Ukraine.

In the course of the interview, the citizens of 27, 30, 33 and 38 years old could not tell why they mentioned two different points of destination in the check points “Uspenka” and “Novoasovsk”. That it is why decision was made to reject the citizens of Russia in crossing the state border. So far, they are returned to Russia.