Number of detained illegal migrants reduced in 10 % in 2013

27-01- 2014

Sufficient number of illegal migrants is detained at the border on Slovakia. Thus, border guards of BS “Palad Komarivtsi” of Chop Detachment detected a violator travelling in the direction to Slovakia. Detainee did not have any documents, but introduced himself as the citizen of Georgia.

In total, for the last year the number of illegal migrants detained by the subdivisions of border security has reduced in 10% (2012 – 2182 illegal migrants, 2013 1956). Out of them the number of persons intending to cross the border illegally has lessened in 16% (2012 – 1 120, 2013 – 944).

And the number of potential illegal migrants, who were not admitted to the territory of Ukraine,  has increased in 48% (2012 – 4 640, 2013 – 6 849). The majority of potential migrants were not able to pass in the check points of air connection (40% from total numberі), at Russian area (32%), Belarus (15%), Moldavian (12%) areas of the border.