Two trespassers were detained in Odessa and Sumy oblasts

25-01- 2014

Border guards of BS “Grebenyky” of Kotovskyi Detachment detected the stateless person of Moldova not far from the border. The man was stopped between Ukrainian village Serbka and Moldavian one Blyzhniy Hutir 10 meters before the state border. The traveler did not have any documents, however during his examination a bayonet-knife with the edge length of 27 cm was found in man’s stuff. SSU officers were informed on the present fact.

One more violator without documents was apprehended nearby the border in Sumy oblast. The border detail of BS “Svesa”, first, detected the tracks of one person. Examining the surrounding area, the border guards noticed and caught up the woman. She introduced herself as the citizen of Moldova.

So far, the border guards establish details of the infringement.