Syrian and Uzbek intended to cross the border with forged documents


The staff of SBGS detected the forged document in one of the passengers departing to Vienna in the airport of Kharkiv. The man presented the passport of Switzerland for the check. However, the forgery was noticed at once as there were no protective elements on it. Soon, the man informed that in reality he was 32-year-old Syrian and traveled to the countries of European Union to get refugee status there. Syrian also reported that the forged document was made in Greece by unknown man for а fee. Besides, the citizen of Jordan was detained in the airport assisting in purchase of tickets for the flight and he accompanied the detainee. So far, the Jordanian is handed to SSU staff in order to establish the circumstances of the infringement, and citizen of Syria – to MOI.

Also, border guards of Kharkiv Detachment apprehended the citizen of Uzbekistan in the check point “Kozacha Lopan”. The man arrived by the train “St. Petersburg – Simferopol” and had forged signs of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

In total, during the previous year, the staff of SBGS detected almost 1480 persons with forged signs of border department. Besides, in 2013 the law enforcement agents confiscated more than 14,7 thousand invalid documents, 430 – forged and 142 someone’s.