Two groups of illegal migrants from Afghanistan were detained in Kharkiv and Transcarpathia


Border guards of Kharkiv Detachment detained apprehended the group of illegal migrants from Afghanistan nearby Ukrainian-Russian border at night. While patrolling the border, law enforcement agents of BS “Dergachi” noticed unfamiliar persons. The travelers just crossing the border beyond the check point between Russian and Ukrainian villages were apprehended at once. During the interview, the detainees reported that they were citizens of Afghanistan, however, they did not have any identification documents.

Besides, the border guards of Chop Detachment detected one more group of illegal migrants from the same country in Transcarpathia in the evening. Four citizens of Afghanistan – 2 men and 2 women were stopped in the area of BS “Uzhgorod”.

So far, the verification measures are taken by the law enforcement agents as to the violators.