Border guards stopped 7 violators from Georgia, Somalia and Russia at the border


Four citizens of Georgia were not admitted to Ukraine by the border guards of Donetsk Detachment. Georgians arriving by the flight “Kutaisi-Donetsk” could not tell the goal of their trip during the identity check. Besides, the citizens did not confirm that they had sufficient financial provision to stay in the country. Thus, they will be returned to the country of departure.

One more violator, woman from Somalia, was apprehended by the border guards in the airport of Kyiv. The passenger travelled by transit through the airport “Boryspil” on someone’s document of the citizen of USA and intended to depart by the flight “Kyiv-Milan”.

In Luhansk oblast, the passenger of the regular bus “Donetsk-Rostov” made his way through the check point “Dovzhanskyi” without appropriate documents for crossing the border. It was found out that he had only USSR passport.

Russian detained by the border guards of Chop Detachment in Transcarpathia had no any documents at all. The man was stopped 100 before the responsible area of BS “Novoselytsya” at Ukrainian-Slovakian border.