More than 90 violators were detected by SBGS staff in the check points during the day


Border guards of Mukachevo Detachment detained a man and woman travelling through the border with a child. They had forged documents of the citizens of Ukraine. The “travelers” were leaving Ukraine through the check point “Vylok”. They presented the documents of the citizens of Ukraine for the passport verification in order to go abroad. However, border guards detected the signs of the forgery in the documents, because watermarks at all pages did not correspond to the selected signs. Besides, during the additional check, the present citizens provided also with the passports of the citizens of Ukraine. However, these documents were not good as well. Documents issued in different placed were signed by the same handwriting and were registered later that the passports of the citizens of Ukraine for travelling abroad, border guards established that one of the passport documents belonged to another person as to its number. Also the birth certificate was forged. The very violators soon introduced themselves as the citizens of Afghanistan. Now, the circumstances of the infringement and personalities of the travelers are established.

Three more trespassers were stopped in the airports of “Boryspil” and “Zhylyany”. Two citizens of Georgia intended to cross the border having forged signs of State Border Guard Service. They were handed to MOI staff.

The citizen of Senegal traveling through Ukraine from Dubai to Brussels had false permission to permanent reside in Greece. He was returned in a return direction.

In total, the number of non-admitted persons through the border was more than 90 during the day. The majority of them could not confirm the goal of their trip and had invalid documents, as well as they were not passed because of insufficient financial maintenance.