Three Iranians traveled by train to Warsaw by Czech passports


Border guards of Lutsk Detachment detained 3 persons at the check point “Yagodyn – railway station” at night. The men intended to cross the state border of Ukraine showing false documents during the border control. The forgeries of the train passengers “Kyiv-Warsaw” were detected by the inspector in the course of the documents verification. Asians claimed to be nationals of CzechRepublic, but thorough examination of the documents showed that they had partial signs of falsification by means of changing informational pages with constituent data.

It is interesting that foreigners arrived by the flight “Tegeran-Kyiv” according to their passports, the citizens of Iran. Soon, detained persons confessed that they planned to get to Europe with aim to get jobs using the forged documents.

Notification was sent to MOI bodies of pre-trial investigation in order to make a corresponding legal decision on the fact of using forged and invalid documents intentionally.