Three Afghanis, three citizens of Sri Lanka, Uzbek and Syrian were detected at the boarder


Border detail of BS “Milove” of Luhansk Detachment detained three unknown persons nearby Ukrainian-Russian border.  The men travelled from Russia in the direction of the village of Milove. Detainees reported that they were the citizens of Afghanistan, but they did not prove it by documents.

Also, violator from Uzbekistan was apprehended at the border on Russia. The man without documents was stopped by the border guards of BS “Yunakivka”, Sumy oblast.

Three more trespassers were found in Transcarpathia. The law enforcement agents of BS “Tyachiv” of Mukachevo Detachment caught 3 citizens of Sri Lanka due to the preliminary information received from local resident. Border guards of Chop Detachment stoped the citizen of Syria at the approaches to the border. He also did not have any documents. Border detail detected Syrian with the help of thermal imager.

At the present moment, details of the infringement are under the establishment.