Two Georgians “attacked” the border of Transcarpathia uncertainly enough


The border guards of Transcarpathia have to detain illegal migrants more often, who name the Internet as their smuggler. Detention of illegal migrants by the staff of Chop Detachment at Ukrainian-Slovakian border became the confirmation of this. Two men, of 1986 and 1988 year of birth, arriving from Georgia to Ukraine, decided to stay her for a little, as they intended to get to Germany. However, having no corresponding documents for legal voyage in the mentioned country, they decided to get to EU through Transcarpathia. With the help of the service Google maps they made their “route to dream” through the Carpathians. And when they left to reach about two kilometers to cherished border on Slovakia, their plans were destroyed by the border detail of BS “Knyagynya”. The men did not have any documents. They introduced to the border guards as the migrants from Georgia. The personalities of the men and circumstances of the infringement are under the establishment. Decision on responsibility before the law and their further destiny will be defined by the court.