Four Algerians and two Georgians were detained near Ukrainian-Slovakian border


Border guards of BS “Stuzhytsya” of Chop Detachment detained 4 unknown persons nearby the border. The travelers were moving towards Ukrainian-Slovakian border, however, the border guards stopped them and found that they did not have any document. The travelers informed that they were the citizens of Algeria. They also reported that they intended to get to one of the countries of Western Europe paying for it $3000 each.

While conducting verification measures and establishing the circumstances of the infringement, border guards managed to learn that one of the “tourists” had already been detained for attempt to cross the state border illegally in 2011 in the area of Cho Detachment. So far, the violators expect for the court decision.

Besides, the day before border guards of BS “Knyagyanya” of the same Detachment apprehended the citizens of Georgia in the approaches to Slovakian-Ukrainian border. They also intended to get to EU avoiding the check points.