Poland expects for the massive flow of refugees from Ukraine


Poland makes forecasts about stabilization of situation in the nearest time. It was said by Minister of Interior of Poland, Bartolomei Senkevych, who visited the border regions on Ukraine to examine the readiness of the services in the case of escalation.

“Everything having place till now at the Polish border, including Polish-Ukrainian border, does not witness about the fact that Poland is threatened with massive flow of refugees”, – the Minister said.

“I have an impression that situation in Ukraine will soon calm down, regardless the crisis in the Crimea”, – he marked.

According to data of the press-service, since the beginning of the year 76 citizens of Ukraine have applied for the asylum in Poland.

According to information of Polish Administration on Foreign Affairs, last year such applications were submitted by 50 citizens of Ukraine (in 2012 – about 70).

Informational Agency reports that Polish authority have prepared 5 thousand places, in particular at the health retreats and schools in the border regions on Ukraine, the areas which can be used to accept Ukrainian refugees.

Simultaneously, Senkevych also marks that there is no need now to use them as polish does not fix the flow of people at the border on Ukraine.

Source: http://www.ua-reporter.com/novosti/148440