Transcarpathian Migration Service and Prosecutor’s Office conducted joint trainings


Issues on application of legislation about administrative infringements on protocols preparation has become the principal subject of discussion in the course of the seminar – training of the heads and the staff of territorial subdivisions of Head Administration of State Migration Service of Ukraine in Transcarpathian oblast.

Senior public prosecutor on issues of citizens’ rights and interests of the government applying the laws on administrative infringements, Yaroslav Leshenko also participated in the seminar. As it was stated at the seminar, the discussion of the agenda in this circle will allow to increase the professional level of the workers of the service in the field of administrative and law enforcement activity and elaborate the single approaches in practice of present legislation realization.

The participants of the seminar in the form question-answer touched the problem moments arising at preparing protocols by civil servants. Besides, urgent matters were considered at the seminar on undergoing governmental service and some aspects of property, income and obligations of financial character declaring by civil servants for 2013 in accordance with Laws of Ukraine “About civil service” and “About prevention and counteraction to corruption”.