Border guards apprehended 33 citizens of Afghanistan and Syria at Ukrainian-Slovakian border


In the conditions of sudden worsening of tension at the state border of Ukraine the subdivisions of SBGS continue to protect the state border in a reinforced regiment not only at the eastern and southern area of the border as well as at other areas of our country.

Thus, border guards of Chop Detachment detained 33 illegal migrants at night, who intended to cross the border by several groups.

Border guards detected one group of the violators while patrolling the state border in the suburb of the village of Onokivtsi, Transcarpathian oblast. After the alarm system went off, the border detail started to the place immediately and apprehended 6 persons 200 m before the state border. They were the citizens of Afghanistan.

Less than in an hour, border guards caught 27 persons more. According to the words of the detainees they did not have any documents, 24 of them were the citizens of Afghanistan and 3 were the migrants from Syria.

So far, the detainees are delivered to border subdivision, the verification is conducted and measures are undertaken on the search of the participated persons and those who smuggled the detained persons.