Russian woman asked political asylum while crossing the state border

18-03- 2014

The citizen of Russia asked for political asylum while crossing the state border of Ukraine.  The woman travelled to Ukraine. In the course of the border control she addressed to the border guards providing statements about her need in political asylum. Then, she explained that she was the resident of Moscow and also she added that she wished to get refugee status being afraid of pursuit on the territory of Russia.

The staff of Migration Service was informed on this point.

Also, it has been informed before that border guards mark the increase in the number of detentions of the citizens of Russian Federation intending to cross the state border of Ukraine at the borders on European Union since the beginning of 2014. The number of Russians attempting to get to EU has already grown in 3 times. As a rule, persons with RF passports choose Transcarpathian oblast, as there is the border on Hungary and Slovakia.