In Transcarpathia Refugee Accept Center is ready to accept more than 200 persons


The last events in the Crimea force local residents to leave their homes and towns in urgent way. According to approximate calculations, the number of refugees from the Crimea, volunteered to move to the west of Ukraine after referendum, equals to the number of all resettled persons from the conflict zone during the last three weeks.

The majority of refugees from the Crimea and south-east (Kherson, Zaporozhie) found themselves in Lvov oblast. According to the words of press secretary of Lviv Oblast State Administration (OSA) Uliyana Flyshko, 836 refugees have already settled down. “We are going to meet 1829 persons more; it is in two times more that we have already accepted. There a lot of children among the refugees both Russians and Tatars. However, municipal authority try to assist essentially: place children to kindergartens or schools, provide their parents with all necessary things for life of full value.

Simultaneously, more than two thousand of Lvov oblast have already addressed to “hot line” of OSA with proposal to accept the Crimean guest, and within each day, according to the words of Flyshko, their number is increasing.

The similar “hot line’ is active at Ivano-Frankisvks OSA. As to the words of Ivanna Romanyuk, more than 200 refugees have found shelter in Prykarpattya and about 500 persons called us during the last day asking to help them.

“There are a lot of children, women and older people among the arrived persons. Their families are accepted by the owners of private houses and hotels that are in the very heart of the beauty Carpathians. All Crimeans are examined by the medics, and authority assists in finding work and place in the schools for children”, – Ivanna says.

Bukovyn does not forget about their fellow citizens. Fourteen families from the Crimea found their “second home” was found in Chernivtsi. As we were reported by volunteer Ekaterina Ponomareva: “This is an official figure, they all stay free in hotels or estates. However, we assume that the number of escaped from occupied territory is much more, as some stayed at their relatives or friends and we do not make statistics on them. ”

Refugee Accept Centre operates in Transcarpathia where people ready to accept more than two thousand people. But as Oles Ladyzhets, coordinator of “hot line” mentioned: “no one has addressed us yet.”

About 150 families agreed to shelter refugees in Ternopil oblast. But so far, according to the coordinator Nicholas Severin, only two Russian families from Changara and Kherson arrived at the moment, as well as one Tatar family from Bakhchisarai.

The similar a situation is also Volyn. According to the information of Social Protection Department of OSA of Volyn region, place 1,500 people can be found here, but so far, only one Crimean family applied to get temporary shelter in Volyn.