Six passengers with forged documents were detected in the airport of Kyiv and Kharkiv


In the airport “Kyiv” during the check in of the passengers travelling to Lubek (Germany), border guards of Separate check point “Kyiv” detained a young man with forged passport of the citizen of Poland.

The page with constituent date was replaced in the document of the bearer. The violator explained that he was the citizen of Syria, however, he presented temporary residence certificate of Ukraine. The forgery costing 900 € was purchased to get to the countries of European Union.

Also, border guards detected false signs of SBGS in the documents of two citizens of Uzbekistan, who arrived from Minsk and Tashkent. They were returned by a return flight.

Two citizens of Georgia intending to depart from Kharkiv to Kutaisi had false signs of the department.  Armenian arrived with the same forgery from Kutaisi. However, the forgeries were detected at once by the border guards of Kharkiv Detachment passing the violators to MOI officers.