Public Prosecutors commenced a case against briber from Chop Customs and 33 illegal migrants


Inquest Department of Public Prosecutor’s Office of Transcarpathian oblast has commenced a pre-trial inquest on the fact of unlawful profit with use of employment status received by official of Chop Customs, which was combined with extortion (Part 4 Article 368 of CC of Ukraine).  It was established before that the employee of Chop Customs demanded €650 from entrepreneur to solve the problem by creating obstacles during customs registration and customs clearance of the vehicle. Immediately after the customs officer received the mentioned sum, he was detained by law enforcement agents. At the present moment, a question is under solution concerning the selection of the measure of punishment. For committed action suspected person us threatened with imprisonment for the term 5 to 10 years with deprivation of right to hold definite posts or be engaged in definite activity for the term of 3 years and with confiscation of the property.

Also Public Prosecutor’s Office carries out procedural direction in criminal proceeding started by USSU in Transcarpathian region on the signs of criminal  offence stipulated by Part 2 Article 332 of CC of Ukraine (organization of illegal transpiration of persons through the state border of Ukraine).

On March 16, 33 persons of eastern appearance without document were detained attempting to cross illegally the state border of Ukraine at the assistance of the service men of Chop Border Detachment. According to the words of the detainees, 30 persons were the citizens of AfghanRepublic and 3 citizens of Syria.

So far, the investigators conduct complex of urgent inquest actions on persons establishing involved in commitment of this criminal offence/