Thirty two refugees from the Crimea asked asylum in Poland

21-03- 2014

The first facts were registered, when the citizens of Ukraine forced to leave the Crimean peninsula, asked asylum in the countries of EU.

32 Crimean Tatars (including 17 children) arrived to the check point “Shegeni” in Lviv oblast in the evening.

Crimean Tatars informed that they had been residing near Evpatoriya and in a result of received assistance provided by the military men of Ukraine, so-called present authority of the Crimea started to pursuit them. The citizens were informed that they made their way to Republic of Poland to get refugee status aiming to avoid violence. Ukrainian border guards informed Polish colleagues on this point. While Crimean Tatars waited for the decision of the neighboring country, Ukrainian side together with local businessmen organized the rest room and the dinner for the residents of the Crimea.

Soon, Polish side submitted positively the appeal of the Crimean Tatars and made decision to pass them to the territory of Poland.

It is worth to mention that nowadays more and more people intend to leave the Crimean peninsula. During the last days State Border Guard Service has fixed a sufficient flow of the citizens and vehicles entering Ukraine from ARC. According to the results of the interviews it was established that almost about 1 thousand persons departed from the Crimea constrainedly.