Four Azerbaijanis, two Russians and Tajik tried to cross the border with false documents


Three trespassers trying to get to Ukraine from Russia were detained by the border guards of Kharkiv Detachment. The violators were stopped by law enforcement officers at the checkpoint “Kharkiv – railway station”. It was found that the passengers travelling from Russian city of Belgorod, had the passport of the citizen of Russia with glued photos and missing security features. The documents of Azerbaijani citizen and a citizen of Tajikistan, travelled from Moscow to Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv, contained false signs of Border Department. Another one Azerbaijani with forged sign of Border Department, intending to get through Ukraine to Moldova, was detected at checkpoint “Khutir Mykhailivskyi”. However, false date stamp were noticed by military servicemen of Sumy Detachment. Also false signs of SBGS were discovered at the airport “Boryspil” in the documents of two citizens of Azerbaijan. One of Azerbaijanis, making his route from Tbilisi, will be sent by return flight, the other one will be handed to police officers.

In addition, Russian had a passport of the citizen of Bulgaria. A page had been replaced with constituent data of the bearer in the document, with which he wanted to fly to the United Arab Emirates. The resident of Moscow, who later gave his real passport, was handed to law enforcement agents.