Talk about the settlers from Crimea took place in a live television broadcast


The first chief deputy of Department of SMS in Chernivtsi oblast Viktor Pyslar in the program “Realities” at TV channel “Bukovyn” talked about support of the residents of AR Crimea and Sevastopol and maximal assistance to this category of the citizens in rendering administrative services. He marked that according to last data 75 residents (out of them 27 children ) were registered in the subdivisions of SMS of Bylovyn.

Except the representative of Migration Service, the volunteers, representatives of Pension Fund, Social Protection, Oblast Education, deputies of Oblast Council, directors of Higher Educational Establishments (HEE) also took part in the talk, who provided Crimean students with the opportunity to continue studies in Bukovyn as well as the student from the eastern Ukraine that were invited to Chernivtsi HEEs.