Syrian Loran has become a native in Ukraine


Refugees … Their fates are similar. Rooted up form their native lands, they are forced to seek asylum far beyond the borders of Ukraine, where they were born. Their lives are formed in different ways. However, they are still foreigners everywhere, where would they live, others find another motherland for themselves.

Loran is from far Syria. He arrived to Ukraine in 2006 in order to enter DonetskUniversity and his fate emerged in different way. Once arriving to Ternopil, he stayed here. Clever young boy learned he language quickly and adapted in a new place. Soon, he became a student of TernopilNationalTechnicalUniversity. He was enrolled to Ukrainian group – and now he is proud of it.

But, Loran failed to finish his studies. In 2011 armed conflict started in Syria. His family was in financial difficulties and his parents had no any opportunity to assist his son-student.  Some period he started to pay out the studies himself, but finally he had to leave the University. Coming back home meant to undergo pursuit of religion: the Christians had just become persuaded in Syria. However, he finally connected with Ukraine because of the birth of his daughter.

“Destiny presented me three princesses, who possess equal place in my heart, Loran confesses. One is brunette with brown eyes, the other blue-eyed blond – is Ukraine, and the third one is my daughter Inessa, who took the best features from two previous ones.”

Decision to stay was made. So far, Loran needs to legalize his lawful residence in Ukraine.

He applied to Department of Migration Service in 2013. After conducting all procedures stipulated by the active legislation he was recognized as a person in need of subsidiary protection. In the nearest future he will be issued a corresponding certificate. This document will enable him with all rights of the citizen of Ukraine, except electing one.