Three Iranians were detained in Bukovyn

05-04- 2014

On April 4, at about 2 p.m. border guards of BS “Krasnoilsk” Chervivtsi Detachment detained 3 citizens of Iran without any document 2 km before the state border. Information about possible cross of the state border by the foreign citizens was received by the legal enforcement agents beforehand. Due to operative actions of border detail three persons (2 men and a woman) without documents were detected and detained at self-made heating place of the foresters.  While interviewing the detainees, they confessed that they were the citizens of Iran. All of them were delivered to border subdivision in order to draw up administrative and procedural documents according to the Article 202, 204-1 CUAI and conduct filtration actions. The circumstances and details of the infringement are under establishment.