Transcarpathian resident assisted 23 migrants to get abroad illegally and got to prison


In Transcarpathia, the sentence of Volovets Regional Court came into force against 32- year-old resident of Svalyava accused under Part 2 Article 332 of Criminal Code of Ukraine .

In July 2013 the malefactor took six illegal immigrants on his own minibus to the village of Bukovets, Volovets region and handed them over to other persons for direct transportation to the neighboring country beyond the checkpoints.

On August 13, while transporting the next group, the vehicle was detained by SSU officers in Transcarpathian oblast, in which there were seven illegal migrants and local persons.

The investigation established that in such a way Transcarpathian resident assisted in smuggling 23 illegal immigrants during July – August 2013.

The inspectors of Department of SBU in Transcarpathian oblast region completed and sent to court the criminal proceedings on assistance in organizing illegal transportation of illegal migrants through the state border of Ukraine.

Volovetsky Regional Court found the local resident guilty and sentenced to five years’ imprisonment with a probation period of 3 years with confiscation of assets and items used in crime commitment – minibus – to the state revenue.