Pseudo French and Turk were detained at Ukrainian-Polish


In the course of two days border guards of Mostytskyi Detachment detained two foreigners trying to get illegally to Poland.

Thus, the inspector of Border Service detected a woman, who attempted to cross the border with the passport of the citizen of France in the check point “Krakovets” in Lviv oblast during the check in of the passengers of the regular bus “Kyiv-Köln”. Preparing beforehand, the woman skillfully posed as Frenchwoman, however, it turned out that she had true documents in the course of the interview. As it was established 25-year-old citizen of Congo in such a way intended to depart to the countries of European Union.

By the court decision, the woman was called to administrative responsibility for the attempt to cross the state border of Ukraine. The matter is also under consideration concerning the compulsory exclusion of the foreigner.

The day before, the citizen of Turkey was apprehended with Bulgarian passport in the same check point. In the process of documents examination border guards detected the signs of its partial forgery, besides the change of identification page. As it was clarified, 27-year-old man travelled by car to the countries of the Western Europe in the search of better life.

The officers of SSU were informed upon the falsification of passport document. The detainee is called to administrative responsibility in the form of arrest for 15 days with further exclusion from Ukraine in accordance with the court decision.