Nine violators were detected in the airports of Kyiv and Lviv


Border guards of Separate check point “Kyiv” detected a forged passport of the citizen of Bulgaria during the check in of the passengers. The man arrived from Istanbul gave this document. The page with constituent data of the bearer was replaced in the passport. The passenger explained that he was Iranian, the forgery he bought in Turkey for $5000 to get to the countries of European Union .

Also, Russian was detected in “Boryspil”. Wishing to get to Ukraine he changed his surname. The citizen of Russia arrived by the flight from Moscow with new passport. 27-year-old man explained that he had recently been issued the document, thus his previous passport was as if washed accidentally. However, soon the border guards established that Russian man intentionally changed his surname and the passport as he was banned to enter Ukraine by authorized body. So far, the passenger is sent back by return flight to the country of departure.

Besides, the workers of SBGS rejected in entering the territory of Ukraine to 7 citizens of Turkey in the airport “Lviv”. The travelers arriving by the flight from Istanbul could not confirm the goal and place of their stay in Ukraine during the interview. Also it was established that they did not have sufficient financial means to stay in the country. The citizens were returned by the same flight to Turkey.